We don’t work. We enjoy. We enjoy to built projects. To do new stuff. We enjoy to help and to know that we contributed a little stone to a huge building. We are creative, and we try hard to think out of the box. Passionate with the due knowledge of the new medias and their technology, we know what we are talking about.

FIRM overview

JAMESMICHAEL is a Boutique Law Firm with a mission to empower startups and entrepreneurs, implementing legal and practical structure. We provide the necessary tools to avoid and fix legal mistakes that can take you down the road. Ask about our early stage corporate services and coaching plans. What we do want, is to grow with you.

we are people working with people
'cause e-commerce it's about people

Back in the nineties, James and Michael were lucky to be at the first front of the Internet Boom and the Y2k....that fortunately never happened. Both participated in the first laws and together counseled governments, banks and companies. For the mysterious way of life, James went to Mexico, where he soon achieved to be a top player in the advocacy game, meanwhile Michael in Germany is of of the leading lawyers in his field. They never lost touch and their true passion for the Internet and the e-commerce once again lead them professionally together in regard to the boom of interaction between Europe and Latin America. Luis had the idea of the project, and in Playa de Carmen, the deal was set.

More than a service firm,
JAMESMICHAEL is a friendship project. We sincerely hope that we can help you in your business as true friends.

September 2015